Join A Team

Activate Teams

Kids Church

A team of volunteers leading the younger generation to live a Christ-centered life.
You can volunteer to lead worship, teach a lesson or assist a teacher. 

Creative Team

Creative Team is our worship and production aspect of the church.
It includes all worship team members, vocals and instruments and production team members including lights, visual media, cameras, sound photography and online streaming.

Host Team

Our host team serves the church through greeting outside and inside. Helps guests around the church and find a seat. They may help facilitate offering baskets, communion and create a distraction free environment.

Cafe Team

A team of people who serve exceptional coffee and treats in our cafe to bring a sense ofhome to our church

Cleaning Team
A team that serves through keeping the church clean and fresh so that every person who visits
our services can enjoy the space!
Our team uses the gift of administration to support Activate teams by using computer skills,
data entry, and attention to details.
Set Up/ Tear Down Team
Our team facilitates by setting up before services and taking things down at the end of
Event Team
Our event team puts on our city wide events and also helps with our special Sunday services.