Covid-19 Update

From Pastor Isaac

Hi Church!

Moving into the 9th week of no church gatherings has really got me thinking and realizing the need to begin to voice some of my thoughts that I’ve been praying through.

As your Pastor, I have seen many people reaching out through this isolation period with concerns, questions and fears. Our staff and team have spent countless hours over the phone, via FaceTime and Zoom meetings working with all of you, our community as we sift through the impact that this isolating time has had on us. We have seen stress from job loss, heart break through marriage troubles, parents lost and confused as they work with their children with learning disabilities that need special care and teaching, and the stifling emptiness that comes with just being alone. I believe, and I believe that all of you believe this too – Church is the place where we gather to worship, stir our faith and remind ourselves that Jesus is carrying us through. We are all very aware that the Church is not limited to a physical location, but there is power when we gather together. If you can look back on the last time that you were in a worship service I think you’d remember the way you felt when you left. You were most likely breathing deeper, inspired to pray and felt faith to keep moving. I don’t think there’s any need for me to over sell the idea that the Church needs to gather together again, but what I do want to do is inspire you to begin thinking of the value and importance of Churches reopening.

Today I want to voice the reality of the situation that we find ourselves in. It’s time to allow the Church to open up safely and soon. We can not wait. Church is an essential organization for the mental health of our community. We need to let those making decisions know how we feel. When this first started I think we were all on board to help be a part of flattening the curve and be a part of the first stay at home orders. But now since we’ve done that, the conversation has switched from flattening the curve to “until we eradicate the disease we better stay home”. This is what I have concerns with, what we are doing by staying at home is not equal to the risk this disease poses. We have no option, we must get back to living our lives. Yes, safe in stages and thinking of others. I am speaking for so many of our community that are on the brink of life and death in this season. It is time to get back to church.

Will you join with me in this endeavor and help spread awareness? We believe that Churches should open along with restaurants in Phase 2 of opening. You can help by signing this proposal that we are hoping to get to Governor Inslee (See linked petition below). This proposal is being signed by community members and faith leaders from all over the state, you can see there names on the list. Let’s do this!

I love you all!


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